GardenStraw Mini (4 pack)

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The cleanest and most convenient premium straw mulch. An effective organic material that improves moisture retention, weed control, as well as prevents splatter and erosion from rain and overhead watering.

Apply to garden beds (in-ground and raised), container gardens, and indoor potted plants for optimal results and to add an aesthetically beautiful look. Each GardenStraw Mini covers 20 square feet when applied at 2-3 inches deep.

This new 0.5 cubic foot bag is the perfect size for those who garden in small spaces or prefer to not store a large bag of mulch.


  • Garden beds and containers: remove weeds then apply a thick layer between plants. Leave at least 1" of space away from the base of plants.
  • Winter protection: mulch around the crown of perennials to protect the plant roots and soil from temperature dips and fluctuations
  • Composting: add to indoor composts to minimize odour or use it in outdoor compost systems to add "brown" carbon material
  • Lawn: apply up to 1" over freshly seeded lawns to help seeds stay in place and keep moist during the germination process 


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