About Christina

Born & raised North Vancouverite


After completing the Horticulture Technician Foundation program through UBC Botanical Garden’s Horticulture Training Program I served as the Program’s Coordinator for two years. Working as an educator for the first time, I created and taught small-scale urban food production courses as well as helped deliver practical, hands-on landscape and garden management training. My areas of focus were ecological landscape design, plant health, and water-wise gardening.

My current passion for growing perennial edible plants has led me to investigate the viability of introducing thoughtfully designed food forests into residential and community spaces in Metro Vancouver. Having completed further training through Gaia College’s Organic Horticulture Specialist program, my designs and how they integrate into the natural and urban settings will respect and adhere to principles outlined in the Organic Land Care Standard.

At home, my 6 year old son and I work tirelessly on transforming our front garden into a low-maintenance, pollinator-friendly, residential-scale food forest that showcases a variety of unique food plant varieties and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.